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Necklace and Pendant Sets

We can shorten or lengthen necklaces, size rings and bracelets as needed in our workshop.

Vibrant cornrow inlay

Vibrant cornrow inlay! Each "kernel" is cut, shaped, and set by hand. This multicolored, precise work features turquoise, lapis lazuli, coral, gaspeite, and sugilite. The bracelet is highlighted with some stunning silver overlay work.

Bracelet by Navajo artist Cecil Ashley
Product #: JN-171-A

Earrings by Navajo artist Kenneth Bitsie
$450.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-171-B

Pendant by Navajo artist James Lee
$600.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-171-C

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Eye-catching cornrow inlay

This eye-catching cornrow inlay jewelry is Navajo made and perfectly set with turquoise, lapis lazuli, coral, gaspeite, sugilite, and imaginative silver work. The charming butterfly motifs represent transmutation and the Dance of Joy.

Butterfly bracelet by Navajo artist Cecil Ashley
Product #: JN-172-A

Butterfly necklace by Navajo artist Cecil Ashley
Product #: JN-172-B

Earrings by Navajo artist Kenneth Bitsie
$450.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-172-C

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Dragonfly necklace

Navajo artist Jan Mariano is well known for her captivating dragonflies. This one is composed of purple, red and orange spiny oyster shell with turquoise. It hangs on five strands of hand rolled spiny oyster shell cheerio beads. 21" long.

Price: $657.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-190-A

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Handmade pipestone heishi necklace

Lena Boone is a famous Zuni fetish carver. Her necklaces are collected by people from all over the world. This necklace and earring set is composed of many different semiprecious stones and handmade pipestone heishi. 30" long.

Price: $690.00
Product #: JN-192-A

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Turquoise jewelry

Handmade Manassa turquoise beads feature in this simple and distinctive necklace by renowned Santo Domingo artist Lita Atencio. 23" long.

Necklace Price: $450.00
Product #: JN-191-A

The elegant sandcast bracelet features a Storm pattern design set with a lovely Royston turquoise stone at its center. Navajo artist, Henry Morgan, is well known for his traditional techniques and designs.

Bracelet (left) Price: $540.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-191-B

From prolific Navajo artist Guy Hoskie, we have a beautifully crafted bracelet featuring a very substantial piece of Manassa turquoise set between orange spiny oyster shell and Guy's expert stamp work.

Bracelet (right) Price: $795.00
Product #: JN-191-C

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Marvelous turquoise

This outstanding cornrow inlay bracelet is set with turquoise, red spiny oyster shell and gaspeite, interspersed with sterling silver bars. The stamp on the inside is YAZZIE.

Bracelet Price: $297.00
Product #: JN-193-A

From Navajo artist Geneva J. Apachito, a lovely pair of turquoise and spiny oyster shell drop earrings.

Earrings Price: $270.00
Product #: JN-193-B

The ensemble is competed with a traditional three-stranded Santo Domingo necklace of turquoise nuggets and pen shell heishi. 28" long.

Necklace Price: $449.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-193-C

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Spiny oyster jewelry

Red spiny oyster shell drop earrings from Navajo artist Dean Brown. Absolutely gorgeous!

Earrings Price: $270.00
Product #: JN-194-A

From Navajo artist Harold Smith, this artistic and beautiful cornrow inlay bracelet features turquoise, lapis lazuli and red spiny oyster shell.

Bracelet Price: $865.00
Product #: JN-194-B

Four strands of hand rolled spiny oyster shell cheerio beads interspersed with accents of lapis lazuli, turquoise and onyx make up this traditional squaw wrap necklace from Santo Domingo artist Lita Atencio. 30" long.

Necklace Price: $675.00
Product #: JN-194-C

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Green turquoise

A lovely green turquoise cluster bracelet by navajo silversmith Dean Brown.

Bracelet Price: $250.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-195-A

From the Running Bear Workshop, a pair of green variscite and orange spiny oyster shell drop earrings. A great color combination!

Earrings Price: $90.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-195-B

Five strands of green turquoise and pen shell heishi in this multistranded bead necklace by Billy Archuleta.

Necklace Price: $595.00
Product #: JN-195-C

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Multicolored pendant on handmade silver chain

These two marvelous pendants are made by Navajo artist Harold Smith and are shown on his handworked sterling silver chains. The bear pendant on the left features a beautiful cornrow inlay of spiny oyster shell, turquoise, lapis, and fossilized walrus ivory. 25 inches long. The stunning pendant on the left features Harold's sterling silver overlay work with spiny oyster shell, lapis, turquoise, and malachite. 19 inches long. Each of these pendants ia a small masterpiece!

Necklace (right) Price: $345.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-124-A

Necklace (left) Price: $345.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-124-B

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Necklace and Earrings set

Rayland and Patty Edaakie are Zuni artists famous for their intricate collaborations. This lovely set highlights some of their wonderful work. The Zuni Dawa (Sunface) motif of red coral, white mother of pearl and jet hangs on a necklace of hand rolled variscite and inlayed beads. With matching earrings.

Price: $1380.00
Product #: JN-196-A

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Choose Your Size

Three stunning sterling silver squash blossom necklaces from Navajo artist Shirley Johnson. Shirley specializes in hand worked sterling silver bench beads with traditional stamp work. Three sizes to choose from!

Sterling silver squash blossom necklace


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Small Price: $660.00
Product #: JN-179-A
Sterling silver squash blossom necklace


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Medium Price: $990.00
Product #: JN-179-B
Sterling silver squash blossom necklace


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Large Price: $1485.00
Product #: JN-179-C

Blue Gem turquoise necklace

Smokey Gchacho is an award winning artist of great talent. This lovely necklace and earring set is made of 18 Blue Gem turquoise nuggets set off with a hand crafted sterling silver interlocking chain. Smokey is known for beautifully executing his very elegant and creative ideas.

Pendant Price: $1800.00
Product #: JN-186-A

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Navajo style necklace

This traditional Navajo style necklace and earring set features some very substantial hard-to-get Gaspeite nuggets interspersed with handmade sterling silver Navajo pearls, from Navajo artist J. R. Apachito.

Price: $1100.00
Product #: JN-187-A

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Kingman turquoise necklace

Santo Domingo artist Emery Calabaza specializes in hand cut wafer bead jewelry from high quality stones in multiple or single strands. This classic three-tiered necklace is made of beautiful Kingman turquoise with sterling silver accents.

Pendant Price: $1100.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-184-A

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Morenci turquoise wafer beads necklace

An elegant single strand of handmade, precision cut, Morenci turquoise wafer beads form renowned Santo Domingo artist Emery Calabaza.

Price: $440.00
Product #: JN-185-A

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Predominantly blue multi-colored wafer bead

An exceptional multicolored wafer bead necklace from Navajo artist Richard Singer. This necklace features Richard's expertly handworked sterling silver drum beads. Richard is a son of the renowned Tommy Singer, and his work exemplifies the family's exceptional quality and design. 27 inches long.

Price: $720.00
Product #: JN-133-A

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Three-tiered traditional style necklace

Lupe Lovato is a well-known Santo Domingo artist famous for his handmade wafer beads. This three-tiered traditional style necklace is made of fine Kingman turquoise with Jaclas of red spiny oyster shell as accents.

Price: $770.00
Product #: JN-183-A

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Green and Blue Turquoise Cornrow Inlay

This spectacular pendant features both green and blue turquoise interspersed with sterling silver in a stunning cornrow inlay. This masterpiece is the handwork of Navajo artist Larry Chavez. The matching earrings are the work of Kenneth Bitsie, an equally impressive Navajo artist.

Pendant Price: $450.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-121-A

Earrings Price: $540.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-121-B

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Old style cross

Six Carico Lake Turquoise Nuggets in an old style cross by well-known Navajo artist Archie Ganadonegro; an enduring symbol of faith that can be handed down from generation to generation. 3" long x 2" wide.

Price: $528.00
Product #: JN-178-A

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Exceptional cornrow inlay

From Navajo artist Harold Smith, we have this exceptional cornrow inlay bracelet set with fossilized walrus ivory. The matching necklace and earring set, also from Harold, is one of his signature designs.

Bracelet Price: $1035.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-173-A

Earring and necklace set Price: $400.00
Product #: JN-173-B

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Earrings and Pendant

To complement his beautiful bracelets, Navajo artist, Ronnie Willie created these lovely earrings and pendant. (Check out our bracelet section!)

Fresh water pearl pendant (bottom)
$135.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-174-A

20" Navajo pearl necklace shown with pendant
$117.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-174-B

Fresh water pearl earrings (right)
Product #: JN-174-C

Sterling silver earrings (left)
Product #: JN-174-D

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Lizard design

This lavish lizard design is one of a kind! This extraordinary inlay pendant comes from Navajo artist, Kenneth Bitsie, who also made the earrings. It's set with black jade; green, blue and white turquoise; coral; jasper and opal.

Pendant Price: $1050.00
Product #: JN-1241-A

Earrings Price: $144.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-1241-B

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Inlay Sun Face

This necklace has it all! A tour de force! Intricate inlay work featuring turquoise, coral, mother of pearl and jet and exceptional silver work all on a handmade sterling silver bead chain. This comes to us from Zuni artist Sam Edaakie. 19 inches long. The inlay hoop earrings are also one of Sam's amazing creations.

Necklace Price: $865.00
Product #: JN-090-A

Earrings Price: $80.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-090-B

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Navajo jewelry

La Rose Ganadonegro is a Navajo artist from Crown Point, New Mexico. We have this impressive pendant and earring set of Ribbon Royston turquoise from her. The center nugget is surrounded with Number 8 Mine turquoise. The equally impressive bracelet is by Navajo artist Albert Jake.

Pendant and earring set
$1200.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-175-A

18" Navajo pearls with Dry Creek Turquoise beads
$330.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-175-B

Bracelet Price: $690.00
Product #: JN-175-C

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Marvelous turquoise

Starting to work silver in 1984, Navajo artist La Rose Ganadonegro, works alongside her husband, Archie. This marvelous turquoise pendant, shown on Navajo pearls, is encircled with orange spiny oyster shell. The matching earrings are also by La Rose. Navajo artist Darrell Cadman made the spectacular bracelet with spiny oyster shell, Dry Creek turquoise and a beautiful center stone from the Turquoise Mountain Mine.

Pendant Price: $910.00
Product #: JN-176-A

18" Navajo pearls
Product #: JN-176-B

Earrings Price: $290.00
Product #: JN-176-C

Bracelet Price: $790.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-176-D

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Cornrow inlay

Absolutely stunning cornrow inlay necklace and earring set by prolific Navajo inlay artist Kenneth Bitsie. This set features lapis lazuli, red and blush coral, sugilite, gaspeite, turquoise, spiny oyster shell and sterling silver. The bracelet is equally stunning.

Necklace/Earrings Price: $825.00
Product #: JN-165-A

Bracelet Price: $720.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-165-B

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Rare blush coral set

Rare blush coral is showcased in this lovely cornrow inlay necklace and earring set by Navajo artist Nataanii.

Price: $1530.00
Product #: JN-162-A

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Lemon Chrysoprase necklace set

This striking set is made of Lemon Chrysoprase (citrine), from Australia, and opal. Also by Navajo inlay artist Nataanii.

Price: $1350.00
Product #: JN-163-A

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Scenic inlay of Rainbow Man set

This impressive, beautiful necklace and earring set is made by Zuni artist H.M. Koonsis. It is a traditional inlay of Rainbow Man made of Sleeping Beauty turquoise set into black onyx. This is a very unique and special piece.

Price: $1210.00
Product #: JN-168-A

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Knifewing Warrior needlepoint

This intricate needlepoint necklace features the Knifewing Warrior, half man and half eagle. Legend says his feathers are blades of flint. The striking pendant is removable so the chain can be worn by itself. This exquisite necklace is the work of Zuni artist Evan Waatsa. 19 inches long.

Price: $950.00
Product #: JN-081-A

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White Mussel Shell and Turquoise

This striking necklace features 10 strands of handmade white mussel shell and turquoise heishi made by well known Santo Domingo artist Ramona Bird. It is shown here with a vibrant blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise bracelet by Navajo artist Darryl Becenti, and chic earrings by Navajo artist Geneva J. Apachito. 24 inches long.

Necklace Price: $400.00
Product #: JN-106-A

Bracelet Price: $356.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-106-B

Earrings Price: $270.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JN-106-C

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Peruvian Opal and Traditional Opal

A masterpiece from Navajo artist Sheryl Martinez. This exquisite inlay features classic opal coupled with very rare Peruvian Opal and sterling silver. This is pure elegance! 20 inches long.

Price: $595.00
Product #: JN-098-A

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Fossilized Walrus Ivory

Rare fossilized walrus ivory in a classic cornrow setting is the star attraction in this exquisite corn maiden pendant by acclaimed Navajo artist Harold Smith. Corn maidens make the corn grow and represent prosperity. Harold also created the matching earrings in fossilized walrus ivory, and the handmade sterling silver chain. 24 inches long.

Pendant Price: $620.00
Product #: JN-086-A

Earrings Price: $60.00
Product #: JN-086-B

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King's Manassa

Seven cool green King's Manassa turquoise nuggets dangle gently from this handworked sterling silver chain and earring set. This is a real stunner for summertime! 18 inches long.

Price: $439.00
Product #: JN-094-A

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