"When my husband puts on his ring that he bought at your store, he says it makes him happy." -- Mary

Men's Bracelets

It takes a real man to wear a bracelet!

Contemporary Zuni inlay  bracelet

This bracelet is a beautiful example of a contemporary Zuni inlay utilizing traditional symbols. The face of the Dawa (The Sun God) represents life and is placed on top. It is surrounded by the planets and moon and stars. By renowned Navajo artist Harold Smith.

Price: $630.00
Product #: JM-005-A

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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise bracelets

Three wonderful bracelets by Zuni artist Larry Loretto. All three are set with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, a mine which has halted production. These are substantial bracelets that look fantastic on every man!

Bracelet (left) Price: $530.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JM-002-A

Bracelet (middle) Price: $520.00
Product #: JM-002-B

Bracelet (right) Price: $530.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JM-002-C

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Kingman Turquoise nuggets bracelet

Five large Kingman Turquoise nuggets set in traditional Navajo style make for a very impressive bracelet that any Navajo man would envy. This bracelet was made in the 1970's, and you really have to see it on to appreciate how good it looks! By Navajo artist Sam King.

Price: $925.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JM-007-A

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Cornrow inlay bracelets

Harold Smith is famous for his cornrow inlay work and these two bracelets are no exception! They are set with three different kinds of turquoise, spiny oyster shell, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, coral, and fossilized walrus ivory.

Bracelet (top) Price: $900.00
Product #: JM-004-A

Bracelet (bottom) Price: $865.00
Product #: JM-004-B

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High-end Kingman turquoise bracelets

A fantastic pair of bracelets by Zuni artist larry Loretto. These are very masculine bracelets with High-end Kingman turquoise set in sterling silver - of course!

Bracelet (left) Price: $865.00
Product #: JM-014-A

Bracelet (right) Price: $780.00
Product #: JM-014-B

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