"When my husband puts on his ring that he bought at your store, he says it makes him happy." -- Mary

Bracelets, Belts and Other Items

We can shorten or lengthen necklaces, size rings and bracelets as needed in our workshop.

Earrings and Ring

These exquisite Carico Lake turquoise earrings make the perfect adornment. Beautiful stones and beautiful stamp and reposse work from Navajo artist S. Tso.

The matching Carrico lake turquoise ring shows off some outstanding silver work as well from Navajo artist Rick Martinez. Size 8 3/4

Earrings Price: $240.00
Product #: JA-173-A

Ring Price: $310.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-173-B

larger image
Original rancher set

This original rancher set demonstrates what an expert silversmith can do. The delightful horse and flower design comes from Navajo artist Lee Charlely, and is set with red coral accents.

Price: $330.00
Product #: JA-174-A

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Shadow boxes with bear claw motifs

These two buckles are actually shadow boxes with bear claw motifs cut into them. This distinctive work is done by Navajo artist Wilbur Musket, Jr., and set with traditional Kingman turquoise.

Buckle (top)
Price: $375.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-180-A

Buckle (bottom)
Price: $330.00
Product #: JA-180-B

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Fantastic craftsmanship rancher set

This sterling silver rancher set is expertly crafted by Navajo artist John Charley. It is heavy with silver and shows off some fantastic craftsmanship. 1" wide.

Price: $1035.00
Product #: JA-179-A

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Traditional channel set buckles

These traditional channel set buckles come from Zuni inlay artist Carmichael Haloo. They are set with Sleeping Beauty turquoise from Arizona.

Buckle (top)
Price: $495.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-181-A

Buckle (bottom)
Price: $620.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-181-B

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Mosaic inlay of the Knifewing Warrior

An incredible mosaic inlay of the Knifewing Warrior, expertly executed by Zuni artists Fred and Lolita Natachu. This exceptional buckle is set with turquoise, coral, white mother of pearl and jet inlayed directly into the silver.

Price: $400.00
Product #: JA-182-A

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Storm pattern buckles

Simple elegance! Two traditional Storm pattern buckles, sandcast in the "old method." The center of the storm is also the center of your world, with the lightening going out in four sacred directions.

By Navajo artist Henry Morgan (top)
Price: $265.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-185-A

By Navajo artist Harrison Bitsui (bottom)
Price: $330.00
Product #: JA-185-B

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Zuni inlay buckles

Intricate and precise. Two Zuni inlay buckles featuring turquoise, coral, white mother of pearl and jet.

Traditional Zuni design by Leander and Lisa Othole. (top)
Price: $350.00
Product #: JA-186-A

Zuni Blanket pattern by Charlotte Dishta. (bottom)
Price: $398.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-186-B

larger image

Navajo Style Sterling Silver

Three large Blue Diamond turquoise nuggets in a simple sterling silver rope setting. This is a great bracelet at a great price!

Price: $450.00
Product #: JA-069-A

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Navajo turquoise cluster buckle

A classic Navajo turquoise cluster buckle from Master Navajo silversmith Dean Brown, with Valley Blue turquoise.

Price: $450.00
Product #: JA-187-A

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Eagle and feather motif belt buckle

This sterling silver rancher set, with an eagle and feather motif, shows off some great overlay work by Navajo artist Lee Charley. 3/4" wide.

Price: $380.00
Product #: JA-177-A

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Simple sterling silver rancher set

A simple sterling silver rancher set, with beautiful stamp work, from Navajo artist Lee Charley. 1" wide.

Price: $345.00
Product #: JA-178-A

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Bear claws and Kingman turquoise belt buckle

Real bear claws and Kingman turquoise in a traditional Navajo setting. This beautifully crafted buckle was made by Navajo artist George Etsitty. Bear claws are considered to be very powerful medicine for the wearer.

Price: $248.00
Product #: JA-183-A

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Hand stamped concho belt buckle

This hand stamped concho belt buckle features a feathered sunrise design with a turquoise centerpiece from Navajo artist Jennie Blackgoat. Jennie is well known for her beautiful design work.

Price: $265.00
Product #: JA-184-A

larger image

Lone Mountain turquoise belt buckle

Nine pieces of Lone Mountain turquoise in this great belt buckle by Navajo artist Dean Brown. 2" wide x 2 1/2" long.

Price: $495.00
Product #: JA-175-A

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Sterling silver rancher set

Six pieces of bezel wrapped blue turquoise in a wonderful sterling silver rancher set by Navajo artist Darryl Becenti.

Price: $395.00
Product #: JA-176-A

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Needlepoint bracelets

These two spectacular, contemporary needlepoint bracelets are made by Zuni husband and wife team, Cecil and Connie Hattie, in one of their signature designs. They are set with 10 rows of red coral or rare Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

2 1/2" wide (top)
Price: $690.00
Product #: JA-169-A

2 1/2" wide (bottom)
Price: $690.00
Product #: JA-169-B

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Zuni needlepoint cluster bracelet

Beautiful red coral in a traditional Zuni needlepoint cluster bracelet by Zuni artist, Eva A. Wyaco. Notice how closely the coral is set together. Very hard to do! A great price for a great piece.

Price: $500.00
Product #: JA-170-A

larger image

A bold bracelet

By Navajo artist Darrell Cadman, a bold bracelet with hand cut Pilot Mountain turquoise and orange spiny oyster shell, featuring some of Darrell's masterful silver work.

1 3/4" wide - Price: $1650.00
Product #: JA-130-A

larger image
Pilot Mountain turquoise bracelet

Exquisite silver work sets off this wonderful piece of hand cut Pilot Mountain turquoise. Another one-of-a -kind bracelet by Navajo artist Darrell Cadman.

1 3/4" wide - Price: $1350.00
Product #: JA-131-A

larger image

Coral petit point bracelet

From Zuni artist Shirley Lahi, this lovely coral petit point bracelet is exquisitely delicate and perfectly set in the Zuni style. All of our coral jewelry is the real deal!

Price: $486.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-171-A

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Curved needlepoint bracelet

Specially cut, curved needlepoint of red coral, set very close together, in this delightful bracelet. The stamp reads Ed. C for Zuni artist Ed "Coyote" Cooeyale. Incredible workmanship!

Price: $438.00
Product #: JA-172-A

larger image

Contemporary wave bracelet

Precision craftsmanship sets off rare purple sugilite in this avant grade, contemporary wave bracelet from Navajo artist Leonard Francisco. This is a one-of-a kind cornrow inlay of exquisite simplicity.

Price: $1450.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-159-A

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Contemporary Navajo inlay bracelets

These beautiful, contemporary Navajo inlay bracelets represent just a small sampling of what we actually have in the store - and they're hard to keep in the store! Made with only the highest quality stones available and the best inlay work from the Southwest, the designs are exquisitely diverse and no two are alike. Much of this jewelry is made exclusively for us as we have been working with the artists for over 20 years! We also have earrings and pendants to match. Call us!

Price: $450.00
Product #: JA-160-A

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Multicolored cornrow inlay bracelet

From renowned Navajo artist Cecil Ashley, we have incredible silverwork paired with a meticulous, multicolored cornrow inlay. This bracelet is truly a piece of wearable art!

Price: $1800.00
Product #: JA-161-A

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Sparkling opal bracelet

Ten rows of sparkling opal by Zuni husband and wife team Anson and Letitia Wallace. This is one of their signature designs. Gorgeous!

Price: $690.00
Product #: JA-162-A

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Zuni cluster bracelet

This lovely, large Zuni cluster bracelet, set with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, comes to us from Zuni artist Joyce Vacit. This is a great bracelet at a great price!

1 1/2" wide -
Product #: JA-165-A

larger image
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise bracelet

A striking Zuni cluster bracelet crafted by Zuni artist Veronica Martza. The black oxidation on the silver really makes the stones pop! This is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Get it while you can - the mine is closed!

1 3/4" wide - Price: $260.00
Product #: JA-166-A

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Zuni Sunface bracelet

Zuni lore tells us that all life comes from the sun. This classic Zuni Sunface bracelet is made with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, coral, white mother of pearl and onyx - representing the traditional Zuni colors. Made by the talented Burdian Soseeah. Burdian specializes in this blossoming Sunface inlay design.

Price: $350.00
Product #: JA-167-A

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Blossoming Sunface design bracelet

At the height of Zuni inlay artistry is the Zuni Sunface. It is sought by those who appreciate the skill level necessary to make them. This masterful bracelet is made by Zuni husband and wife team Ryland and Claudia Gasper. Turquoise, white mother of pearl and onyx in a blossoming Sunface design.

Price: $396.00
Product #: JA-168-A

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Navajo cluster bracelets

These two outstanding, traditional Navajo cluster bracelets come from the hands of prolific Navajo artist Mike Platero. They are both set with some exceptionally beautiful Pilot Mountain Turquoise.

1 1/2" wide (top)
Product #: JA-164-A

2 1/2" wide (bottom)
Product #: JA-164-B

larger image
Hand stamped bracelet

Gorgeous Manassa turquoise from Colorado and orange spiny oyster shell in a fantastic, hand stamped bracelet by Navajo artist Guy Haskie.

1" wide - Price: $795.00
Product #: JA-133-A

larger image

Pilot Mountain turquoise bracelet

Beautiful Pilot Mountain turquoise in a lovely bracelet by Navajo artist Albert Jake.

1/2" wide - Price: $495.00
Product #: JA-136-A

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Hand cut Royston turquoise bracelet

From Navajo artist Guy Haskie, hand cut Royston turquoise in a precision crafted bracelet. Elegant!

1/2" wide - Price: $690.00
Product #: JA-137-A

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Fancy Kingman turquoise bracelet

In his own characteristic style, Navajo artist Albert Jake gives us this eye-catching bracelet set with five hand cut, fancy Kingman turquoise stones.

1 1/2" wide - Price: $890.00
Product #: JA-140-A

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Lyric design bracelet

A wonderful, lyric design from Navajo artist Freddy Maloney with an exceptional hand cut and set Pilot Mountain turquoise stone.

1" wide - Price: $660.00
Product #: JA-141-A

larger image

Masterful stamp bracelet

By Navajo artist Darryl Becenti, hand cut fancy Kingman turquoise, sugilite, spiny oyster shell and coral paired with masterful stamp work!

Just under 2" wide -
$990.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-142-A

larger image
Orange spiny oyster shell bracelet

Vibrant orange spiny oyster shell with Sleeping Beauty turquoise and purple spiny accents in an original bracelet by Navajo artist Guy Haskie.

1" wide - Price: $660.00
Product #: JA-143-A

larger image

Spiderweb Kingman turquoise bracelet

A single hand cut spiderweb Kingman turquoise stone perfectly compliments the marvelous silver work in this bracelet by prolific Navajo artist Andy Cadman.

1" wide - Price: $660.00
Product #: JA-146-A

larger image
Kingman turquoise stones bracelet

Three hand cut and set Kingman turquoise stones in a timeless piece by Navajo artist Albert Jake.

1/4" wide - Price: $495.00
Product #: JA-147-A

larger image

Hand cut turquoise stones bracelet

A simple yet elegant bracelet with five light blue #8 Mine, hand cut turquoise stones. From Navajo artist, Albert Jake.

1/4" wide - Price: $690.00
Product #: JA-148-A

larger image
Dry Creek Turquoise bracelets

Three exceptional bracelets from Navajo artist Albert Jake, all with rare Dry Creek Turquoise.

1/2" wide (left) -
$570.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-149-A

Just under 3/4" wide (middle) -
Product #: JA-149-B

3/4" wide (right) -
$690.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-149-C

larger image

Kingman turquoise stones bracelet

An impressive bracelet from Navajo artist Darryl Becenti features expert stamp work and five hand cut fancy Kingman turquoise stones.

1 1/2" wide - Price: $990.00
Product #: JA-150-A

larger image
Navajo cluster bracelet

A classic Navajo cluster bracelet made with hand cut Pilot Mountain turquoise from artist Anthony Skeets.

2" wide - Price: $990.00
Product #: JA-151-A

larger image

Sleeping Beauty turquoise bracelet

Another take on a great bracelet design from Zuni artist JP Ukestine. This time with Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

1 1/2" wide - Price: $396.00
Product #: JA-154-A

larger image
Coveted Coral bracelet

Five rows of coveted coral in this eye-catching piece from Zuni artist E. Wyaco.

Just under 1 1/2" wide -
Product #: JA-155-A

larger image

Signature avant garde design bracelet

Five rows of Sleeping Beauty turquoise in a signature avant garde design by Zuni artist E. Wyaco

Just under 1 1/2" wide -
$420.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-156-A

larger image
Zuni pinwheel inlay bracelet

A traditional Zuni pinwheel inlay bracelet from artist F. Lowsayatee, with Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

2" wide - Price: $460.00
Product #: JA-157-A

larger image

Traditional cluster bracelet

From Navajo artist Evelyn Platero, a timeless statement piece. This traditional cluster bracelet is set with hand cut Ajax turquoise.

3" wide - Price: $495.00
Product #: JA-158-A

larger image
Tufa stone sand cast bracelet

This tufa stone sand cast bracelet has a lovely open design with a cornrow inlay of turquoise and coral by Navajo artist Monte Claw.

Price: 676.00
Product #: JA-101-A

larger image

Equine story bracelets

Equine story bracelets! These wonderful Navajo story bracelets feature wild horses running freely through beautiful Southwest landscapes. They are expertly worked on both sides. Check it out! Both are by Navajo artist Lloyd Becenti.

3/4" wide - Price: $330.00
Product #: JA-116-A

1/2" wide - Price: $250.00
Product #: JA-116-B

larger image
Sterling silver bracelet

A finely crafted sterling silver bracelet by Navajo artist Darryl Becenti. This substantial piece shows some of Darryl's distinctive stamp and silver overlay work. We handpick all of our bracelets, so we pay a lot of attention to the details!

1 1/8" wide - Price: $621.00
Product #: JA-117-A

larger image

Silver bracelet

Master Navajo silversmith, Darryl Becenti, made this outstanding sterling silver bracelet with some of his characteristic repousse' and stamp work.

2 1/8" wide - Price: $540.00
Product #: JA-118-A

larger image
White Buffalo Turquoise

Striking White Buffalo Turquoise! Get it while you can. The mine is closed. Five beautiful stones in a very avant grade bracelet by Navajo artist Linda Johnson, who also made the single-stone cuff bracelet with traditional stamp work. The white Buffalo pendant is from Navajo artist G. Yazzie, shown on Navajo pearls.

Five stone bracelet
$720.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-1771-A

Single stone bracelet
$540.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-1771-B

Pendant Price: $432.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-1771-C

18" Navajo pearls
Product #: JA-1771-D

larger image

Coral bracelet

Zuni artist JP Ukestine created this tantalizing, contemporary bracelet with three rows of coral and graceful stampwork.

1 1/2" wide - Price: $432.00
Product #: JA-153-A

larger image
Fresh water pearls

Innovative work from Navajo artist Ronnie Willie, these captivating bracelets are set with fresh water pearls and highlighted with the symbol that represents the Sacred Four Directions.

3/4" wide bracelet with pearls (bottom)
Product #: JA-121-A

1" wide bracelet with pearls (middle)
$660.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-121-B

3/4" wide bracelet (top)
Product #: JA-121-C

larger image

Cornrow inlay bracelets

Three fabulous cornrow inlay bracelets from the very creative Navajo artist Harold Smith. All three demonstrate Harold's precision workmanship. They are set with rare fossilized walrus ivory, turquoise, spiny oyster shell, and onyx.

3/4" wide (top)
$750.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-122-A

1 1/2" wide (middle)
Product #: JA-122-B

3/4" wide (bottom)
$610.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-122-C

larger image
Masterful inlay bracelets

These two masterful inlay bracelets come from the Navajo artist, Jackson. The bracelet on the left is set with lapis lazuli, denim lapis, coral, turquoise and black onyx. The one on the right is set with spiderweb turquoise, white turquoise and jasper. Take a close look at the expert workmanship and quality of these pieces!

Bracelet (left)
$720.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-123-A

Bracelet (right)
$860.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-123-B

larger image

Red, orange and purple spiny oyster shell

Red, orange and purple spiny oyster shell, perfectly set, highlight this exceptional trio made by talented Navajo inlay artists from New Mexico. The pendant is by James Lee; the bracelet by Kenneth Bitsie; and the earrings by Cathy Webster.

Pendant Price: $375.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-128-A

Bracelet Price: $485.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-128-B

Earrings Price: $144.00
Product #: JA-128-C

larger image

From Zuni artist Eva L. Wyaco, we have a timeless needlepoint cluster bracelet of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. This mine is presently closed. The matching earrings, also of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, are from Zuni artist Iva Booqua. These are classics!

Bracelet Price: $690.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-129-A

Earrings Price: $280.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-129-B

larger image


These are hand hammered sterling silver concho belts. They features traditional conches and "butterflies" and classic buckles that represent the four sacred directions. The center belt features some great green Ajax turquoise and the belt on the right, some beautiful, rare Sleeping Beauty turquoise. The lengths are adjustable and you can spread the conches to any width you like! The two outside belts are made by Navajo artist Eugene Charlie, and the center belt is the work of Navajo artist Dan Martinez.

Belt (left) Price: $460.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-006-A

Belt (middle) Price: $1250.00
Product #: JA-006-B

Belt (right) Price: $850.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-006-C

larger image
Ancient rock art design

A single nugget of Kingman turquoise tops off this bracelet of ancient rock art designs by Philander Begay.

Philander Begay is a young, up and coming Navajo artist who specializes in Tufa stone sand cast jewelry. He casts both sides of his bracelets and then fuses them together with extraordinary results. Any one of his pieces would be a great investment. In five to ten years he will be one of the greats!

Price: $1260.00
Product #: JA-099-A

larger image

Number 8 Mine turquoise nuggets

Three bracelets with very high quality Number 8 Mine turquoise nuggets.

1" wide with 5 nuggets and gorgeous silver stamp work by Navajo artist Guy Haskie. (left)
$890.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-107-A

1/2" wide with 5 nuggets and great silver work by Navajo artist Albert Jake. (middle)
Product #: JA-107-B

1/2" wide with 7 nuggets and silver work by Navajo artist Albert Jake. (right)
$570.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-107-C

larger image
Cornrow Inlay and Turquoise

An exquisite toggle bracelet created by Navajo silversmith Mike Begay, featuring some spectacular #8 Mine turquoise in an engaging cornrow inlay design. The length is adjustable. This is a unique bracelet from a very talented artist.

Price: $675.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-087-A

larger image

Beautiful cornrow inlay jewelry from New Mexico. The stones here are turquoise, lapis lazuli, red and blush coral, gaspeite and sugilite. The exquisite work here is done by Navajo artists Cathy Webster, James Lee, Kenneth Bitsie, Cecil Ansley, Eddie Tsosie, and Nataanii.

Navajo design

Earrings Price: $600.00
Product #: JA-106-A

Bracelet Price: $1200.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-106-B

Pendant Price: $720.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-106-C

Chain Price: $77.00
Product #: JA-106-D

larger image
Exquisite work

Bracelet Price: $1800.00
Product #: JA-104-A

Pendant Price: $720.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-104-B

Collar Price: $132.00
Product #: JA-104-C

larger image
Black Onyx

Classic black onyx never looked better! This original design is the brain child of Zuni artists Anson and Letitia Wallace. Every single stone is cut and set by hand into these beautiful sterling silver bracelets. Ten rows of onyx at
1 3/4 inches wide or five rows of onyx at 1 inch wide. These beautiful bracelets definetly go with everything!

Bracelet (left) Price: $690.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-092-A

Bracelet (right) Price: $350.00
Product #: JA-092-B

larger image
Zuni inlay bracelets

Stunning, rare Sleeping Beauty turquoise in an equally stunning Zuni inlay pattern! These exquisite bracelets feature the work of
C. Haloo, an extremely talented Zuni artist. 1 1/4 inches wide or 1 1/2 inches wide, these are real eye-catchers!

Bracelet (left) Price: $790.00
Product #: JA-093-A

Bracelet (right) Price: $690.00
Product #: JA-093-B

larger image

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Sleeping Beauty turquoise graces this exceptional design by Zuni artists Anson and Letitia Wallace. Ten rows of turquoise at 1 3/4 inches wide or four rows of turquoise at 3/4 of an inch wide.

Bracelet (left) Price: $690.00
Product #: JA-090-A

Bracelet (right) Price: $280.00
Product #: JA-090-B

larger image
Red Coral

Bright red coral set off this lovely original design by Zuni artists Anson and Letitia Wallace. Ten rows of inlayed coral at 1 3/4 inches wide or five rows of coral at 1 inch wide. Great color! Great bracelets!

Bracelet (left) Price: $690.00
Product #: JA-091-A

Bracelet (right) Price: $350.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-091-B

larger image

8 Mine turquoise

Lone Mountain Turquoise highlighted with rare rose coral is inlayed into this unique sterling silver bracelet with a storm pattern cut out of the silver. This impressive bracelet features the teamwork of Zuni artists Griffin and Evangeline Tsabetsaye. 1 inch wide.

Price: $1160.00
Product #: JA-075-A

larger image
Signature Solder

Extraordinary signature solder work feature prominently in this exceptional sterling silver bracelet by master Navajo silversmith Thomas Charley. Tom's work is always in high demand and we are honored to carry it. 1 1/2 inches wide.

Price: $580.00
Product #: JA-074-A

larger image

Hand Hammered Bracelets

These fabulous bracelets are the work of famous Navajo silversmith Thomas Charley and his niece Priscilla Apache. They demonstrate some expert solder work and perfect symmetry. These go with everything you own and can be stacked with other bracelets. These are essential pieces for every collection! Your choice of width.

1/2 inch wide Price: $216.00
Product #: JA-042-A

3/4 inch wide Price: $248.00
Product #: JA-042-B

1 inch wide Price: $307.00
Product #: JA-042-C

1 1/4 inch wide Price: $405.00
Product #: JA-042-D

larger image
Hand Hammered Bracelets

1 1/2 inch wide Price: $450.00
Product #: JA-043-A

2 inches wide Price: $600.00
Product #: JA-043-B

larger image


On the left, we have a traditional hand hammered sterling silver concho belt on black leather. The conches and the length are adjustable. The lovely hand hammered sterling silver belt on the right features Kingman turquoise and looks great outside a skirt or dress.

Belt (left) Price: $390.00
Product #: JA-007-A

Belt (right) Price: $380.00 (SOLD)
Product #: JA-007-B

larger image
Traditional Hand Hammered

This traditional Navajo cuff bracelet features some great reposse and hand hammered silver work. It is finished off with 19 Kingman turquoise nuggets! Fantastic! 2 1/2 inches wide.

Price: $490.00
Product #: JA-066-A

larger image

Turquoise Bracelet

A beautiful pear shaped Turquoise Mountain Mine nugget is the centerpiece of this impressive bracelet from famous Navajo artist Darrell Cadman. The trio of stones on each side are rare Sleeping Beauty turquoise. 1 1/2 inches wide.

Price: $630.00
Product #: JA-064-A

larger image


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