The Navajo jewelry is usually handcrafted from locally mined turquoise and Mexican silver. It is frequently enhanced with inlays of coral, oyster shell and other materials.


Customer Story

Der Mr. -Mrs. Stephens

We just wanted to write and say "Thank You Very Much" for the "Beautiful" cowboy belt buckle.

It is "PERFECT", and just what Curt wanted and needed.

The one he has been wearing is 40 years old, and worn out, to where the bar on the back can't be welded back together anymore.

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of your help.

None of the stores here in Denver, carry any sterling silver buckles with animals on them. You would think as big as Denver is, that they would, but they don't.

Only the ___ plated ones do, and he didn't want that.

The only sterling silver one available was $400.00.

Yours is "Terrific"!!

Now he and his Mom can share it, as it fits her belots too.


Curt and Elizabeth

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guarantee?
We guarantee that everything is Native American and hand made. Our standards of quality and workmanship are very high and we will repair anything that happens to break.

Is shipping available?
Yes, both domestic and international.

Care and cleaning?
Under each heading you will find how to clean and care for every item.

Payment options accepted?
We accept cash, checks and all credit cards. You may also put items on Lay Away. Just call and we'll talk about it.

Do you accept Special Orders?
Occasionally, but we don't like to dictate how the artists should make something.

Can jewelry be repaired?
Yes, we repair all Native American jewelry.

Do you buy from people that have old Indian jewelry?
Seldom, but we will look at it. We try to show the best of today's southwest art in its own unique forms.

Zuni Jewelry

The Zuni create three types of intricate jewelry; petit point, needle point and inlay.

Petti Point can be identified by the tiny turquoise stones that are each supported in its own bezel. It is extremely time consuming to make and is very delicate in appearance.

Needlepoint is very popular today. The Zuni started cutting Turquoise into needle shaped stones around 1930. Typically, they would group many stones in a pattern to create a very attractive ring, pendant, or set of earrings. Needlepoint is often considered delicate Jewelry.

Inlay jewelry is where stones are worked and then fitted together, sometimes side by side, or with silver channels in between them. This is known as channel inlay. Each piece is meticulously fabricated. The colors and stones used in traditional Zuni inlay are turquoise, coral, jet, and white mother of pearl.